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What to Know When Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bath

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Tip no. 1: Buy it once. There’s lots of ways to “save” on a remodel, whether with the scope or products themselves, but understanding what’s an actual savings versus a compromise in quality that you’ll pay for later is important. 

Tip no. 2: Do what you want. No one has to live in your house except you, so design it that way, not to appease a hypothetical future buyer. 

Tip no. 3: Require a track record. Whether you’re hiring a designer, contractor or a design/build firm like us, make sure you like the way they work and that it’s not their first rodeo. 

Tip no. 4: Every challenge is an opportunity to do something great. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult design parameter or a surprise in construction, every “problem” has a solution, and sometimes it becomes what makes the project truly special. 

Tip no. 5: Have fun. There’s no denying that projects can be stressful at times, but don’t forget to enjoy the process, it makes the end result that much sweeter. 

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