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Vitalant: New Name, Bigger Impact

What do we all have in common that instantly connects us and gives us the power to do more? It’s the blood pulsing within each of us. This amazing, ever-replenishing gift is truly a natural resource that, when shared, speeds healing and provides comfort. Lifesaving blood offers second chances and many tomorrows to those who depend on it.

Bonfils Blood Center has joined forces with 127 donation centers nationwide to form Vitalant. We are driving donations and innovations. We are making every drop count more. We’re committed to forever changing how people experience transfusion medicine and helping people realize their life-transforming potential.

Vitalant NurseFrom the day we’re born, we all have a gift inside of us. A source of life pulsing within us that has the power to transform another life. Renewing and exponential, this gift is a source of healing. Survival. Second Chances. Comfort. Moments. Time. A future. There is no greater gift.

Each year, nearly 5 million Americans need blood transfusions. Blood helps trauma and burn patients, premature infants, heart surgery patients, organ transplant recipients and those fighting cancer, among others. In emergencies, it’s the blood already on hospital shelves that saves lives.

Do Good for Yourself and Others

Experience the wonder. Donating blood is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community. If you’ve never donated blood before, we encourage you to try! The ultimate pay-it-forward moment—in order to move life forward—is the simple act of giving blood.

There are many other ways that you can help. You could make an extraordinary difference for patients who need marrow or stem cell transplants by becoming a marrow donor. Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia or other life-threatening blood diseases. The cure courses through your body and it could be you turning someone’s life around.

Vitalant Sign Up

Through Vitalant’s partnership with Be The Match® (the National Marrow Donor Program), you may find you are the one and only match for someone who doesn’t have one in their own family. Make today the day you sign up to brighten someone’s day with the gift of hope. 

Together, let’s do amazing.