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Thollot & Co.

When the neighboring tenant moved out in 2019, Joy and Troy Thollot, the local husband and wife duo behind Thollot & Co. jewelry store, took the opportunity to grow their showroom into an experiential shop where locals could peruse fine jewelry in a space without feeling pressure.

The store’s décor hardly plays backup to the sparkling gems. The Thollot’s mined the state for authentic renovation materials, and they struck gold, well, kind of. The ceilings are adorned with reclaimed wood accents from a Colorado gold mine. And wood saved from rail cars, that delivered Coors brews from the Centennial State to California, make up the bar and high-top tables. These natural elements rid the shop of a sterile feeling replacing it with a neighborhood feel.

For those looking for a more hands-on ring-making experience, the Pour Your Heart into It™ casting bar allows individuals or couples the opportunity to pour the liquid metal directly into the ring’s mold. Once it hardens, the customer can pull the ring out of the rough cast and be the first person to hold the newly-formed piece.

(303) 280-3374 | 3790 East 104th Avenue, Thornton, CO 80233