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The Faces of the Design-Build Dream Team

Atelier Interior Design + Saul Construction

Katie Schroder of Atelier Interior Design and Tim Saul of Saul Construction have partnered on over 60 projects in the past decade. An obsessive eye for detail allows their individual and collaborative creativity to shine. They share an unwavering dedication to earn their client’s trust and bring peace-of-mind to every project. Their seamless communication and mutual respect ensure that form, function and fun create the perfect home tailored to each client’s needs.  

Atelier Interior Design is an award-winning interior design firm with over 20 years experience offering an energetic approach and a strong understanding of modern lifestyles. Highly visual and creative, Katie Schroder is known for her signature mix of color and pattern.  

Saul Construction has 23 years of expertise in new-build construction, additions and renovation projects.  Tim Saul has a solid reputation overcoming challenges of complex projects ensuring projects stay on time and on budget while also bringing sophisticated design visions to life.  

Individually, Atelier Interior Design and Saul Construction are well-established companies in their areas of expertise. When teamed together, their synergy brings success to every project. The benefits are intrinsic and lasting, creating a quality of living that crosses over into all areas of life. 

Katie Schroder, Atelier Interior Design
(303) 455-1644
2840 Fairfax Street, Suite 205, Denver

Tim Saul, Saul Construction
(303) 697-4334
11995 West Pleasant Avenue, Lakewood