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Pictured, left to right: Dan Fuller, Haley Custom Homes; Joe Smolen, Empower; Michael McDonald, McDonald Automotive; Todd Schieck, M&N Aviation

The Faces of Philanthropy: McDonald Automotive Group

The Children’s Diabetes Foundation (CDF) has received unwavering support from McDonald Automotive Group, Haley Custom Homes, Empower, and M&N Aviation through their annual unique golf tournaments, held both locally in Colorado and in Las Vegas with a memorable fly-away experience. Established over twenty years ago, this alliance serves as a beacon of hope for families grappling with new diabetes diagnoses, a cause that hits close to home for all parties involved, given their shared experiences with type 1 diabetes and in support of their loved ones.

The partnership’s significance goes well beyond the financial contributions but truly lives in the personal connection each partner has to the cause, understanding the impact of type 1 diabetes on too many lives. CDF’s mission, centered around education, coping assistance, and preparation for those navigating diabetes challenges, aligns with the collective commitment of these four partners and friends.

The local and flyaway tournaments, raising over 15 million dollars since 2002, have been instrumental in advancing CDF’s research and support initiatives. The collaboration emphasizes genuine care and dedication to making a meaningful impact on affected families. The unified effort of everyone involved reflects a shared commitment to empower those confronted with the life-changing realities of diabetes and the research needed to find a cure.

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