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The Face of Interior Design: Keia McSwain

Black Interior Designers Network

NeKeia “Keia” McSwain is president of the Black Interior Designers Network and CEO of Kimberly + Cameron Interiors, based in Denver, Colorado. She is a brilliant, self-taught and award-winning interior designer who appreciates art, travel, music and curating textured and layered spaces. Keia has been named a New American Voice by Architectural Digest and her work has been recognized in Wall Street Journal, Forbes and House Beautiful among others. Keia’s ability to express both her creativity and will to serve are two factors that have a heavy influence on her life.

As the President of The Black Interior Designer’s Network (BIDN), Keia is a true pioneer for change in the interior design industry. The BIDN, founded in 2010, is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the interior design industry by highlighting designers of color and supporting black designers with business development opportunities. In 2017, Keia stepped up to the role of president to further elevate and serve designers of color nationwide, with the goal of ultimately closing the opportunity and income gap of the minority community. McSwain’s dedication to promoting diversity is changing the dynamic of the interior design industry in a profoundly positive way!

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