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The Face of Hair Science

Hair Sciences Center of Colorado

James A. Harris, MD, FISHRS, FACS, is an internationally renowned hair transplant surgeon, researcher and innovator in the field of hair restoration. He is the Founder and Medical Director of the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado.

The clinic specializes in state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatments of hair loss for men and women including: hairlines, receding temples, crowns, overall thinning, balding, sideburns, beards, mustaches and eyebrows. Dr. Harris’ focus on patient advocacy and quality of care is the foundation of his work.

He was the lead consulting physician on the development of the ARTAS™ robot and the only physician offering No-Shave FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in Colorado. This technique is so advanced that less than 5% of physicians world-wide who perform FUE offer this option.

Dr. Harris is a published author, teacher and lecturer. He pioneered and patented advanced methods of hair restoration, and has received the highest award for significant clinical contributions to the field of hair restoration, given annually to one innovator from around the globe. He is passionate about helping people and believes that everyone deserves to have a good hair day.

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