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Vinyl flooring from Carpet Exchange

Taking The “OH NO!” Out Of H20 for Your Flooring

Water resistant floors are wildly popular today, particularly two decidedly high-tech options. Why SmartStrand carpet and COREtec might be for you.

There’s one thing that unites most of us who call Colorado home. We love the great outdoors. But what’s not so great is that when you head back indoors, you tend to take some of that outside in with you. Including rain, snow, slush and more.

Therein lies the rub. Historically, water and flooring do NOT play well together. That’s why consumers everywhere are increasingly turning to innovative new flooring options that excel when it comes to water-resistance.

COREtec is the product that’s taking the industry by storm.

While the term luxury vinyl might seem like an oxymoron, in the case of COREtec, it’s clearly not. Not only is this four-layer feat of modern engineering beautiful and durable, it’s 100% waterproof–in addition to being totally kidproof and petproof to boot. Which is why it makes the perfect solution for rooms where moisture is an ongoing issue, like bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.

The crowning touch is a cork underlay layer that provides superior soundproofing and feels extremely comfortable underfoot. Which is no doubt why at the 17 Carpet Exchange retail locations across the Front Range, COREtec continues to be a top seller.

Why SmartStrand carpet makes such a smart choice.

Not to be outdone, there’s also carpeting that’s surprisingly resistant to water and spills of all other sorts. It’s aptly called SmartStrand Forever Clean. That’s because with soil and stain protection built right into every fiber, it’s three times easier to clean than ordinary carpeting.

SmartStrand also successfully delivers a 0% moisture absorption rate. And, no, that’s not a typo. Which makes SmartStrand ideal for thwarting those sloppy footprints if you have a kid who likes to jump in puddles. Or if you named your dog Spot and that turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In stark contrast, the average-sized home with a nylon carpet can absorb up to 30 pounds of moisture into the carpet’s fiber. So it’s easy to understand why you end up with that musty smell you’ll never ever have to endure with SmartStrand.

Again, finding a wide variety of different SmartStrand options to choose from is as close as your neighborhood Carpet Exchange.

So if you have pets or children, or are just looking for a durable, no fuss no muss solution for your floors, you simply can’t go wrong with either COREtec or SmartStrand. Better yet, Carpet Exchange offers them both to you coupled with a longstanding trend of its own–the absolute lowest prices guaranteed.

To all of which you can gladly say “Oh, yes!”