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Be Customer Obsessed: A Guide to Building Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

The Slalom Denver consulting team’s play-by-play for prioritizing customer happiness.

There are more than 32 million businesses in the United States. Sure, they span myriad industries and many of them are sole proprietorships (about 76 percent) but still: That’s a lot of brands competing for people’s attention. It is easy to see why successful firms are so focused on understanding and engaging with their customers—and then measuring how successful they are at doing so.

“Taking care of our clients at the next level is a massive strategic advantage,” says Anthony Marquardt, a managing director in the Denver office of modern global consulting firm Slalom. Being client-obsessed helps the company stand out in a competitive market—and, per Slalom’s core values, caring about customers is also just the right thing to do. “We’ve developed not just an expectation on client satisfaction but an expectation on what you’d seek from a true partner,” he says. “For us, culturally, focusing on client success is core to who we are.”

Slalom is an expert at forming these long-term connections. “The main way we measure success is referrals and repeat business. In an average year, those are about 90 percent of what we do,” says managing director Brian Lucyk. In other words: Customers keep coming back and trust Slalom enough to recommend the firm to others.

Here, Slalom Denver shares how its teams build lasting relationships with customers—and how you can too.

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