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Sallie Simmons

West + Main Homes

At the age of 29, Sallie decided to uproot herself from all she had ever known in Mississippi and move to Denver. After twelve years in Denver, and seven years in real estate, she has really gained her footing within the community and has served on various non-profit boards and neighborhood associations. Sallie’s education in community development and psychology has translated into her extensive knowledge of real estate in the Metro area and Front Range. That ever expanding knowledge continues to bolster her desire to help everyone find their place to call home, and she truly believes Denver has a good fit for everyone. If you would like to know anything about my services, or if you’d like to hear about the local market from a human voice with a Southern accent, please contact me at your convenience. My specialties include real estate, buying, selling, investing, finding cute downtown areas, breweries, business development, networking, management, wholesale and retail sales, marketing, psychology, statistics, staff development, human resources, cooking, traveling, and skiing.