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Project Angel Heart

Project Angel Heart’s purpose is to deliver comfort and support through high-quality nutrition services, including medically tailored meals, while also advocating for the principles of “Food is Medicine.” Regardless of a person’s background or circumstances, they believe everyone should have access to the nutrition they need—especially when they’re sick.

Each week in Project Angel Heart’s kitchen, they create meals from scratch, made in partnership with a registered dietitian, that are tailored to meet the specific dietary needs of people living with severe illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, HIV/AIDS and more.

This year, Project Angel Heart will celebrate a historic milestone: they will deliver their 10-millionth meal.

Carol’s story. Meals Help Her ‘Re-Enter the World’

When her husband of 60 years was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Carol quickly became his primary caregiver despite living with severe osteoporosis—a condition that causes bone breaks and fractures. Like many caregivers attending to a sick loved one, Carol forgot about her own needs. She started skipping meals, and her health declined quickly.

“Edward was my only focus at the time,” she shared. “I was so tired. Eating was the last thing on my mind.”

Although they thought they would have several more years together, Edward passed only a few months later. Without family and a support system, this sudden loss left Carol grieving, tired, and alone. Her weight became dangerously low, and she was diagnosed with protein-calorie malnutrition, which, if prolonged, can result in changes in organ function.

Carol knew about Project Angel Heart because her husband had been a client shortly before he passed. She had received meals as his dependent but was reluctant to apply for meals on her own—believing others needed them more. However, after dropping to a mere 89 pounds, Carol’s doctor sent a referral.
Since starting on their program, Carol has noticed an immediate impact on her health. She added that having healthy meals in her freezer serves as a reminder to eat. “Sometimes I wouldn’t have an appetite, but I’d still take out a meal and heat it up, and then before I know it, it’s all gone,” she said with a smile.
What’s more, Carol has gained eight pounds and has more energy. She began attending community music events, re-engaged with her church, and started working on her yard. Carol said, “Since receiving Project Angel Heart meals, I feel like I re-entered the world.”

In honor of their 10-millionth meal, a group of donors have organized a $250,000 match. That funding and the donations that support it will cover the cost of every meal and nutrition counseling session for every client in December. Join them and make your gift go further!

To learn more and get involved, visit

DENVER OFFICE & KITCHEN: 4950 Washington St., Denver, CO 80216 | (303) 830-0202

COLORADO SPRINGS OFFICE: 1625 W. Uintah St., Suite I, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 | (719) 323-0084