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Landscape Design

Enhancing your home’s exterior can be overwhelming, as there are many options for every type of design style. Keep these in mind:

1. Water conservation: we may be out of the drought, but it’s always a good idea to be water-wise. Choose water-efficient and drought-tolerant materials such as river rock and cobble, boulders, natural mulch, artificial grass, and hardscapes.

2. Colorado weather: you never know what to expect – freeze/thaw, rain, snow, sweltering heat – ensure you choose complementary products to protect your outdoor materials choices, such as sealants for patios and decks, cooling infill for artificial grass, and water-resistant covers for outdoor furniture.

3. Cohesive living: backyards are no longer separate living spaces – instead, they are now extensions of the living room and kitchen, and there are so many materials to help move your preferred aesthetic from room to room: porcelain tile, stackstone, and even plants and home decor.

4. Increased value: we’re firm believers of loving the home you’re in, but when considering a remodel, it’s prudent to consider resale value. Consider projects that will make a buyer feel they’ve found their oasis: upgraded and extended patios or decks, outdoor kitchens and living areas, and features that allow year-round outdoor entertaining and relaxation.