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Mother House

Since 1982, Mother House has helped unhoused women and transgender clients, along with their children. Our program fully integrates peer counselors and past clients at every level of service to ensure programming that gives our clients what they need and that meets them where they are in life. 

Our Mother House flagship residential program houses mothers in crisis and ensures that our parents and their babies receive the care, support, and resources they need. We provide shelter and wrap-around case management to help residents advance toward their goals. We help our clients access on-site and community-based parenting classes, resume and job skills workshops, internship programs, and classes that teach self-care and confidence. We ensure that each family is connected to a trauma-informed and well-qualified doctor or midwife and a doula to support them during the birth of their child; and we cover many pregnancy-related healthcare fees. 

In addition to our shelter work, Mother House supports housed members of our community by providing outgoing donations to 80-200 families a year, ensuring that every family has access to diapers, breast pumps, formula, strollers, cribs, and clothing. 

Our emergency shelter, The Lodge, ensures that unhoused women and transgender folks have a safe place to sleep and access to navigation and case management staff. Our on-site staff connects clients to workforce programs, employment-readiness work, and housing programs, while ensuring that all services are delivered in an environment that provides safety, dignity, and sex/gender-based programming to women and trans folks who have been living on the streets. We work with our clients to understand their needs, their fears, and their hopes and then co-create a program that allows them to forge a new path. 

Each of our programs uses a trauma-informed approach to care, supports our clients in their recovery work, and utilizes a client-leadership model. By centering gender and gender expression in our client-care lens, we are able to deliver programs that see and value the whole person, and that help each of our clients to feel welcome, safe, and understood. 

Your donation to Mother House ensures safety, shelter, and support for all of our clients. With you on our team what we can accomplish is limitless. 

At Mother House we don’t shelter people –  we strengthen them.

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