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Colorado’s Leaves Have Changed—We’re Still Seeing Green

Step into autumn with Colorado’s favorite plant.

Lifestyles are seasonal. Winter, spring, summer and fall, our bodies—and minds— shift gears as the earth’s axis tilts. The transition is sometimes purposeful, but most often this shift is organic, taking place gradually as each day grows progressively shorter—or longer—and our schedules are walled-in by the push and pull of daylight, like inky bookends on either side of the day.

Despite the record run of dates in September with Colorado’s famously dry heat, the diminishing volume of daylight is inspiring this organic lifestyle transition. Our meals are changing as the last of summer’s farmer’s markets, and grocery store shelves reflect the bounty of fall’s harvest. Gradually, we spend more time inside—not locked away like seasonal hermits, but cozying up beneath a blanket, instead of on the front porch.

Summertime and the Livin is Easy

Cannabis in Colorado has a deep association with summer. Hot nights at Red Rocks, elevated from a favorite strain and the sound of music vibrating across ancient natural features, a mid-day hike made more vibrant by a tart cannabis-infused gummy, or, a Sunday afternoon spent lazily on a blanket in the park, vape pen within reach, pondering the shape of clouds as they float across our blue sky.

Like most indulgences, however, cannabis is flexible—it meets you where you are, regardless of season, location (so long as you’re in Colorado), or mindset.

Cannabis: Autumn’s Unsung Hero

Fall brings a strong association of flavors and smells—the aroma of baking spices and red wine, the taste of pumpkin pie and hearty soups—but also, now, cannabis.

Not always associated with fall and winter, but as relevant to these seasons as your hot toddy and cabernet (without the added calories or hangover)— cannabis products are diverse and transcend the cycle of our seasons.

Cannabis has grown up—cultivation techniques, enhanced genetics, and a greater understanding of the natural complexities inherent to our favorite plant—have produced an almost overwhelming variety of strains and products (we can walk you through all of the options), making cannabis the perfect companion, regardless of earth’s position.

Here are a few ideas to help enhance your experience this fall and winter.

Elevate the season with Cannabis from Lightshade.

An Intimate Dinner at Home

Lightshade Dinner

Cannabis and food go together like—cannabis and food. But, not in the ways you might think. While, as science has shown, cannabis increases senses like taste and smell, literally making food taste better, the image of Spicoli eating pizza in class, or Cheech and Chong overindulging in junk food after a marathon smoking session, is not what we have in mind.

The pairing of cannabis and food to us is an elevated experience. Imagine using cannabis-infused olive oil to dress a beautiful fall salad, or indulging in a few puffs from your vape pen before the first slice of pumpkin pie. Or, instead of pumpkin pie, split an infused chocolate with someone you love—cannabis is the perfect companion for your fall and winter meals at home.

Elevate Your Game-Day Experience

Lighshade Tailgate

Coloradans usually think of snacks and beer when planning the game-day party menu. Good times are taken to the next level, however, when someone shows up with cannabis. If you think bringing cannabis along for the Broncos game means guests will sink deep into your sectional sofa, dipping their hands endlessly into a bowl of chips, think again. While, of course, the picture we’ve painted is an option, with the appropriate product or strain, game-day partygoers can feel elevated and enlivened all at once, with just the right amount of lift to make a win—or loss—seem fine.

Pro Tip: If you choose to host a cannabis game-day party at your home, make single-portion THC-infused treats to ensure your guests don’t accidentally over-indulge on medicated dip.

Spend the Afternoon at Home

Lightshade Afternoon At Home

It’s only a matter of time until parks in Colorado disappear beneath a blanket of snow. Don’t mourn the annual loss of our outdoor public spaces by pulling the cork on a bottle of wine. This fall and winter, as temperatures drop, choose the healthier option and make the switch to cannabis. Spend cold afternoons at home, reading, cooking, whittling down that list of nagging household projects, listening to music, or just relaxing. The variety of consumption methods and spectrum of possible effects, mean your time spent indoors will not be wasted—and, you might enter spring a few pounds lighter, as opposed to the other way around.

Gather Your Friends for a Cannabis Happy Hour

Lighshade Happy Hour

Through the transition from summer into fall, it can be easy to sink into a pattern of isolation. It’s always important to spend time with friends, and as the temperatures drop and our window of daylight each day shrinks, companionship and connection become all-the-more important. Most of us are used to spending happy hour at a bar or restaurant, but the rules have changed. This season, try gathering friends at your home on a Friday afternoon or evening following work and have a cannabis-infused happy hour. Whip up some delicious mocktails with your favorite canna-beverage, and set out a plate of edibles for everyone to enjoy–just remember, ‘start low and go slow.’

Visit our site for a handful of cannabis-infused mocktails and elevated food recipes to guide you in enjoying cannabis at home this autumn.

The Evolution of a Misunderstood Plant

As cannabis continues to shed its’ stigma, the view of this long-misunderstood plant is changing. Our understanding of cannabis, it’s uses, the perception of who the average cannabis consumer is, and how it can be integrated into almost any person’s life, regardless of season, has evolved.

Try incorporating cannabis into your life this fall and winter—your mind and body will thank you for it.

About Lightshade:

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