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John Atencio Park Meadows

Diamonds for Winter

Maybe it’s the glistening icicles and the snow frosting the earth. Or maybe it’s the holiday lights. The desire to end the year on a high note. The sentimentality of the season.

Whatever the reason, winter is the season for diamonds.

It’s one of the busiest times of year for jewelry designers like John Atencio, a Colorado native whose diamond pieces are hand-sketched and tell a special story. Atencio has seven jewelry boutiques across the state, from Cherry Creek to Fort Collins and Boulder. Award-winning Atencio is known for his artistry, craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail.

So if anyone knows diamonds, he does.

“Christmas is for giving something special, something that’s going to be cherished for a long time. With the timelessness of a beautiful piece of jewelry, the season is perfect,” Atencio says. “In the winter, the sun is low but the lights are bright. It’s the darkest time of year, but diamonds create that sparkle, that sense of better things to come.”

According to Atencio, everyone seems to be looking for big sparkle right now.

“The more, the better,” he says.

Atencio has added diamonds to many of his new designs, and the response he’s getting from his customers is more, more, more. People are open to all shades of sparkle, too, not just white. Colored diamonds are one of the hottest trends of the season.

If you’re looking to add some frost under your tree this holiday season, John Atencio has four new diamond collections.

Here’s are some great options how to pick the perfect diamond gift for your loved one:


Classic, simple and elegant

Go with the Essence Collection

John Atencio Essence Crop

What is it? Diamonds. Everywhere.
Essence is covered in white pavé diamonds. The pavé groups many gemstones together for that extra shimmer, maximizing the brilliance of the diamonds. It’s an exciting and versatile new look for Atencio.
This collection is new for Christmas 2018. Never in Atencio’s 42-year career has a collection taken off this fast.

Try this: The Essence Ball Pendant is a top-seller. It’s simple, with classic, contoured lines and comes in white, yellow and rose gold. Some people buy all three because each sets off the diamonds in beautifully different ways.

Colorful, contemporary and unique

Go with the Gemini Collection

John Atencio Gemini

What is it? Diamonds are still the star here, but they’re mixed with other colored stones, like lilac amethyst. Also picture clusters of pavé diamonds in clean, sleek gold with more of an iconic, contemporary Atencio design.
Gemini launched early November, right in time for the holidays.

Try this: Try mixing the lilac, pear-shaped gemstone with pave diamonds. Sparkle with colored gemstones makes a bold statement.

Intricate, extravagant and the ultimate

Go with the Bellagio Collection

John Atencio Belagio

What is it? This jewelry was inspired by the fountains’ swirling water and lights at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. As such, this jewelry is opulent and intricate, with lacy, continuous-woven diamonds. In true Vegas style, expect total awe. These pieces feature hundreds upon hundreds of diamonds. A bracelet with more than 650 diamonds. Earrings with 500 individual stones. Needless to say, this is a higher price point — and the ultimate sparkle point. It’s like a snowglobe of diamonds.
This collection is Atencio’s newest.

Try this: The Bellagio Diamond Pave Cuff Bracelet. In total, this white-gold bracelet boasts 5.37 carats of round diamonds. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Powerful, inspiring and bold

Go with the Elite Collection

John Atencio Elite

What is it? This new collection was inspired by 12 powerful women in history, from Cleopatra to Victoria to Diana. This is all about large diamonds (2- to 5-carats) and making an extraordinary statement. This top-of-the-line diamond ring collection provides the sparkle of the other collections while showcasing a bold, fancy-cut center stone.

Try this: The impressive Amelia Elite ring presents a large stone surrounded by 160 round diamonds that weigh 1.14 total carats.

A fresh spin on classic

Go with a new piece in one of Atencio’s classic collections.

John Atencio Classic

What is it? If your loved one already has a favorite John Atencio style, all existing collections have been updated. You’ll find new jewelry that compliments beloved pieces.
“We’ve extended so many collections that even the people who have enjoyed the collection over many years will find a lot of new inspiration,” Atencio says.