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The Monogram Elevate Everything Project™

Zac Posen and Monogram® team up to elevate everything

Inspired by the precision details and craftsmanship of our column refrigerator, fashion icon Zac Posen designed an equally elegant door panel exclusively for Monogram. As a part of our Elevate Everything Project, Posen’s one-of-a-kind creation is one of the many ways we’re inspiring owners and artisans alike to raise their standards for refinement in the kitchen.

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As a former judge for Lifetime’s Project Runway, cookbook author, and stylist to the stars, including Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rihanna, Posen is famous for his keen eye for detail. Knowing that he shares our passion for culinary arts and making products by hand, we invited Zac to create a piece that reflects his interpretation of our elevate everything philosophy.

Although the process of creating high-fashion couture and high-end appliances may seem vastly different, both rely on an artisan’s skills to transform premium materials into something extraordinary in its function and form. Much like our Monogram craftsmen, Posen’s ability to consider every detail and take them from ordinary to extraordinary has led to a reputation for producing pieces that exceed expectations.

“The Monogram column refrigerator is elegant. It is so meticulously crafted. It’s a hand-finished product so it really deserved to have an equally beautiful, handcrafted door panel,” Posen said. “Together, we have created an inspiration for how column appliances can be uniquely personalized.”

After admiring our column refrigerator, Zac came up with the visual concept for the custom door panel by manipulating pieces of tulle over a flat form. Like a true artisan, from the initial sketches to revealing the final piece to the world, Zac drew upon his years of experience to manifest his vision into a tangible masterpiece.

“Our owners crave personalization and sophistication—and Zac’s door panel is an inspired example of what a column refrigerator can be,” said Keith Larsen, executive director, Monogram. “We use only the finest materials from the LED lighting to the finely polished stainless-steel accents. In combination with Zac’s signature style, the Monogram column refrigerator is the ultimate culmination of high fashion and high function.”

General Electric Mirror

With intricate details from the charcoal mirror finish to the fabric-inspired details, Zac Posen’s door panel exudes sophistication in a way that invites owners and craftsmen to push the boundaries of what’s possible in their kitchen.

For more inspiration and a behind-the-scenes look at Zac Posen’s door panel, experience the Elevate Everything Project at