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Freedom Service Dogs

At Freedom Service Dogs (FSD), we transform lives by partnering people with custom-trained assistance dogs. FSD serves veterans and active-duty military members with PTSD, children and teens with autism, and individuals with physical disabilities such as traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis. Your support helps provide highly skilled service dogs to our clients free of charge, along with lifetime support that includes ongoing training and successor dogs when a service dog retires. 

For people with disabilities, a custom-trained service dog from FSD can open the door to new possibilities. Instead of a life limited by difficulties, fears, and frustrations over what they cannot do, our clients and their loyal and loving service dogs discover all they are capable of doing—together.

U.S. Army veteran Charles served overseas for nearly seven years and returned home to Colorado with PTSD and traumatic brain injury. Placed on frequent suicide watch by the VA, heavily medicated for depression, and isolating from his family and the world, Charles turned to FSD for help. He was matched with a service dog named Rubix and graduated from FSD in 2017.

Today, Rubix assists Charles by creating space around him in public places, interrupting anxious or depressed moments with a nudge of his nose, and running through their house before Charles enters to assure him that everything is OK. Says Charles, “A service dog will take you out of your comfort zone, especially if you’ve been traumatized and don’t want to go out in the world anymore. But you can focus on your dog and not on the drama that’s causing the depression and anxiety. A service dog will help you regain your life.”

By supporting Freedom Service Dogs this holiday season, you can help open doors to new possibilities and bring greater independence, hope, and happiness to people in need. Thank you for your generosity and compassion. And if you are interested in raising 

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