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Discover the Best Scandinavian Clothing Brands

Leslie and Nate, owners of Aktiv at Stanley Marketplace lived in Oslo, Norway for over a year with their two children. While there, they discovered the Scandinavian saying: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. People in the Nordic countries dress for all kinds of weather and all kinds of movement. This felt very close to the style of Colorado. Aktiv’s goal is to bring a carefully curated line of Scandinavian-designed clothing to the attention of American customers. Our primary focus is on clothing that is conducive to exertion, exploration, and relaxation (known to many as hygge). So, whether you are a backcountry trekker, city cyclist or all-day knitter, Aktiv has the best clothing for you.


The Nordic method for dressing is built from the base out. First you have a thin (usually wool) base layer. On top of that you have your mid-layer which is selected based on the temperature. Common mid-layers include wool sweaters or fleece hoodies. The last layer is either a shell or a vest and it is meant to keep the wind and water away from you. This formula works whether you are in Norway or Niwot.

Wool is Wonderful

Wool is a major component of Scandinavian clothing. Alert!!! This isn’t your childhood scratchy wool sweater. Just the opposite, merino wool is soft and comfy while being extremely practical. It also looks fantastic!

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