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Colorado Children’s Campaign

Every child deserves every chance to grow up happy and healthy in Colorado. The Colorado Children’s Campaign utilizes the latest data and research to identify challenges and remove barriers to health, education and economic security so all children and families can thrive.  

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization focused on data-driven policy change at the state, federal and local levels.  Our statewide network of leaders in child well-being and a growing field of advocates consistently speak up for kids at critical moments. Children do not belong to a political party, and we believe that children’s issues are an “everyone” priority regardless of political leanings. Every child deserves quality health care, education and family economic security.

We know there is a web of complicated issues impacting children across our state which is why we approach policy change by keeping people, communities and children at the center of our efforts. This work has never been more urgent as many Colorado families face job loss, homelessness and difficulties accessing childcare and education due to the global pandemic. Over the course of the pandemic, we have worked alongside community leaders and partners on issues from food insecurity fueled by school closures, to evictions for those under and unemployed struggling to make ends meet, to child care access for essential workers. 

We are the voice for the over 1.2 million children living in Colorado. Will you join us in becoming a hero for kids? Consider making a monthly gift and joining our Colorado Children’s Campaign Heroes: Everyday people lifting up every child. All monthly gifts donated before the end of 2020 will be matched up to $5000.   

Become one of our Heroes at

(303) 620-4533 | 1580 Lincoln St. Suite 420, Denver, CO 80203