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Adaptive Adventures

Your gift to Adaptive Adventures will help us provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve quality of life for children, veterans, and adults with physical disabilities and their families.

We strive to ensure that all individuals with physical disabilities have access to participation in outdoor sports regardless of their location, equipment needs or economic status. We know that when individuals are active, they experience greater independence, camaraderie, freedom and the undeniable health benefits of recreating in the great outdoors.

We also know that when the individual thrives the whole family thrives, and our programs provide transferable skills that improve daily life for the whole family.

Close your eyes with us and imagine a world where all individuals have access to the rejuvenating power of outdoor sports, no matter their physical, geographical or financial barriers. It’s a world with an improved quality of life — one defined by supportive networks, continuous skill development and newfound independence.

This is the world we’re trying to create. By continuing to expand our offerings, connect with new communities and empower existing members, we believe this future is within reach.

Share the adventure today by participating, volunteering or giving to Adaptive Adventures.

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